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A Brief History of N.A.S.S
and how they came to exist

by our Founding Father and Creator of NASS, Paul Tegler - 1/02  (last updated 02/02/2008)

      It all started sometime early summer 1998...  with a squabble on another email list. That particular email group was more generalized being dedicated more so to ALL things Truimph automobile related. A ruckus broke out as a result of the 'TR  guys'  'looking down their noses' at the Triumph Spitfire and GT6

      The 'big TR' (TR2, 3, 4, 250, and TR6) guys seem to feel they were the 'last of' or the 'only real' Triumphs.  Sounds funny.... considering many more Spitfires and GT6's were produced and sold over the years than any TR series. Also consider the idea that the production run of Spitfires lasted nearly twice as long as any TR6 and were still in production right up to the financial demise of Triumph as a motor vehicle manufacturer under British Leyland.

      I was surprised to find there wasn't a single national or International organization centered on these particular vehicles, while many existed for the  variety of physically larger TR models that Triumph built over the years. Still none existed speceifically for the Spitfire and/or GT6.  

       Believing I wasn't the only one sick of the bickering and attitudes on that list, I went out on a limb and started an email list of my own specifically for the Spitfire and GT6 people. I wanted a list that talked about the cars I was interested in, and not have to deal with personal problems and member conflicts, on a 'car' list.  No 'nose thumbers'.   

      Mid 1998, I found OneList and setup the NASS list. The North American Spitfire Squadron was born. In the flurry of internet business buyouts in the very late 1990's,  OneList was purchased by Egroups... who was eventually bought up by Yahoo.  Yahoo...what a pain. OneList was first chosen, as there were NO advertisements included in the emails. Egroups did add them, but you could selectively turn them off, with only minor loss of system/list features.  Then came Yahoo. The headers, of the on-line public site and footers of every email take up more space in advertising than the mail messages themselves do. What a pain!. 

      Regardless of Yahoo's growing pains, early summer of 2000 saw the largest infusion of new members into our email group. Word-of-mouth at car shows, advertising of our group via members own websites, and printed advertising and magazine articles about the NASS email list, resulted in the membership jumping by over 300 people in under a year.

      By summer's end 2000, this amicable group of people wanted to put faces to names. Talk on the list started to infer a 'club' might be a good way to keep the ball rolling. Volunteers helped generate a set of by-laws. Drafts were edited, and finally voted into existence by the then current NASS list membership. Nominations for organizational officials were accepted on the email list, campaign speeches were submitted and posted for the members to get to know who was willing to dedicate some of their precious spare time to help run things. Elections were held by the list late summer.   And yes folks it IS true..... I did decline all nominations ( railroad attempts ) to be the first President of NASS.   November 2000 saw the first 'club' 'officials elected. A President, Vice-President, Membership Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary were voted into office.

      Jan 2001, saw the organizational efforts starting to accelerate concerning a  first ever national club meeting. Aptly called, a  'Spit-Together'.  The 2001 Spit-Together was held on the 4th of July in Knoxville TN.  Although not supplied by the club, the drawing for a GT6 giveaway (Yes, the magazine gave away a real full size, running GT6) was also held. The GT6 was used on the N.A.S.S club. parade float which traveled along in the parade with many attending club members and their cars.

     To counter Yahoo's strangle hold on the archives of all the email communications, this site was created. Two years or programming, 9,000+ lines worth of CGI/Perl scripts, having to learn database programming  (and then how to access them from a web page), add another 2,000 lines of JavaScript, 1,000+ edited images and icons,  and you have the startup of the current stand-alone, desigend to suppor the NASS list. From there this site has now grown to also support the 'NASS-club' activities and it's members as well as the primary function of supporting the Forums.

      Born from the NASS email list, the 'NASS-club' that formed is now officially Internationally recognized as a premiere organization. There are well over 1,100+ active email list members world wide. There are 350+ (as of 1/2008)  full dues paying club members which include a core group of 31 of the original 'charter' members that have been here since the very beginning of the 'formed club' and help to support the activities of the club at large. Thank you one and all.

      Well I think I've said enough for now.   
            In closing... I'd just like to say ... Thank you.
    Thank you one and all for all your support through NASS's  growing years, and proving yourselves to be one of the most amicable groups of people I've ever had the pleasure of being associated with. And yes...Thank you all for tolerating ME!

   -- Founder / Creator NASS List 1998 --           
Paul  A.  Tegler, Jr.                        
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