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Who we are

   The Nass-club, born from the original NASS email list is now an internationally recognized automobile club, centric on the Triumph Spitfire and GT6 automobiles. NASS is the premiere (and only?) North American automobile club specifically oriented around these small treasures. Not every member owns one, they simply share an interest in, or passion for, these fine small British sports cars.  

     Considering the distances between members, and the scarcity of these vintaqge 60's and 70's (and very early 80's) vehicles, the internet has been extremely useful as our central connection. It's somewhat interesting that such a mix of technologies, (old cars and computers) have joined to create the only real organized enthusiasts group for the Spitfire and GT6 in the western hemisphere.

     The NASS-club currently has elected officials holding the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Chairman. From the roughly 1300 regular NASS list users, there a core 'dues' paying group with nearly 40 of the original 64 'charter' members still around from the club's inception back in 2001.. 

    Dues support such resources as the yearly Spit-Togethers* and quarterly news letter (Nass News and Notes) with articles from racers, engineers, manufacturers, distributors, and other 'experts' in various fields related to these cars. These internet resources are what tie together the various localized events throughout the world.

      Our simple goal is to keep this rare breed alive. How? By sharing insight, experience, knowledge, and love of these fine sports cars. Timidly, and honestly can boast, current membership of some of the worlds most knowledgeable minds in regards to these vehicles. Some are shop owners, parts distributors, custom parts manufactures and suppliers, and racers alike.     

    An Acrobat  .PDF version of the club brochure is downloadable. It's roughly 2.8 meg in size. But reading is much faster if you download it to your machine then view it.


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