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   As a member of N.A.S.S., these pages let the rest of us know who you are, and what you drive. You can enter all your own information. Please remember to include a password to allow yourself to edit your own entries as desired any time in the future.

   Any errors in required information input will be displayed for you to correct/update.  Photos need to be edited for size (file size and dimensions). Images need to be a maximum of 320x240 in size and less than 50K in size.   The images are shown, in line with the rest of the user info. So to keep the pages looking uniform, image size must be limited.

      All information contained here has been submitted by second sources (you the owners) . There is no way for me to certify accuracy as to who/what/where/when.... This is strictly an archive of the members of N.A.S.S. and the information youas members are willing to post.

If you have made a submission and you don't see the info in the Registry, please check it again carefully. If you still don't see it, please consider re-submitting your information. If all else fails you can send an email to the to help resolve the problem.

     Be sure when entering a listing, that you supply all information requested (*red asterisk= required). The scripts here, should let you know if data entry needs adjustment. Incomplete registrations can not be accepted by the script or added to the list.

    At a minimum we need a user id., vehicle ID# (for sorting and displaying), and an email to verify the entry. Your passwords are not monitored or maintained here. If you forget your password you'll need to write the webmaster so it can be reset for you to update your info in the future.

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